Ready to let your perfect customer sell you?

How we work

Our goal is for this process to be as enjoyable and hassle free as possible, so we can connect digitally (we’ll send the coffees) or meet in person (we’ll bring the coffees) to begin the process of information gathering and preparing to create your story. Our 6 step process works as follows.

1. Content planning workshop.

We profile your audience,  review your marketing goals and begin to design customer stories that will suit your brand. We start asking the important questions – Who is your perfect customer? Why aren’t they buying from you? Or how can we get them to buy more quickly?

We look at the sales blocks and the dream clients to establish who we want to connect you with. We then create a content plan to engage this perfect customer audience and help you achieve your goals.

2. Producing your first customer story.

We will then have a customer story brief with you (or one of your team), to understand the chosen customer (this can of course be done at the same meeting).

3. The Interview.

Leave us to schedule a call or meeting with your chosen customer. We’ll go to them or we will digitally connect. We will prep them, complete the interviews, ensure we extract all the key information that will be of paramount importance to your potential new perfect customer. It’s important we make this as time-efficient and enjoyable as possible for your lovely customer.  So there will be more coffee, and maybe, a doughnut.

4. The Magic.

We will then we will then create a compelling customer story to showcase your service, product or brand ensuring we hit those important points – their problem, your solution, their happiness.

5. Delivery.

You will receive an unformatted long copy customer story so that it is ready to be used in whatever medium or format you choose (up to what word count of 1,500 words*)

6. The add ons.

You will also receive:

  • 3 carefully selected quotes created into image files for use in multi-stream roll-out.
  • 4 headlines / taglines in image files for Social Media channels
  • A suggested multi-stream roll out to suit your company’s communications channels and your perfect customer.
  • A  free copy of our downloadable guide  – 14 ways to make your content work for you.

The Annual Plan

There is rarely just one perfect customer story because there is rarely just one customer fear.

Fears are what block sales. Fears are what need to be uncovered and addressed. Some businesses have created in excess of 1,200 different customer stories in order to deliver stories that perfectly resonate which each prospective new customer. If you need 1,200, we might need to order in a few more coffees! But its’ important to invest in more than one. So we can help you by creating an annual plan** so that these can be created in a timescale and frequency to suit you and your business. As part of this we will:

  • Step out your sales process, or rather, your buyer’s journey.
  • Identify where people are getting stuck.
  • Look at your products.
  • Who is the perfect customer for each of them?
  • What is their biggest fear?
  • What is their biggest dream?
  • It’s rarely covered by just one case study, which is where an annual plan might be of help.

Don’t think Customer Stories are for you?

We totally understand. Sometimes its can be hard to see where Customer Stories fit into your day-to-day work (EVERYWHERE!). Creating the stories may seems like a hassle (IT’S NOT! We organise everything). Creating customers stories may seem like a big commitment, or a totally different way of doing business.

So, why not enjoy a free 30 minute consultation with us – worse case scenario you come away with a few free ideas that might help you connect with your perfect customer. Best case scenario – your customers start selling for you!