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What's your story?

Using customer stories to sell

Ever had an amazing sales experience with a super happy customer who totally gets your product and values your business?

Imagine that person chatting to your next potential customer. That would make life a little easier wouldn’t it?

We create carefully curated, hand-crafted, utterly compelling customer stories to help showcase your service, product or brand.  

Just point us in the direction of your favourite happy customer or client, and we will do the rest.

Story sells. So why aren’t you telling yours?

to create more perfect customers.

Use your perfect customer

What is a

Customer Story

A customer story is the story of your customer. A specific customer. A happy one. It’s your best customer talking through their experience of working with you. Their fears. Their reservations. Their struggles. And ultimately, how you helped them.

It’s their journey from their life before doing business with you, to their life after doing business with you – a life where they are now infinitely happier and better off.

A customer story is NOT;
  • A two-sentence blurb on Trustpilot.
  • It’s NOT a paragraph on Facebook review. 
  • It’s not even your lovingly updated customer testimonial page dating back to  to the year 2003.

A customer story is an in-depth look at your favourite customer’s buyer journey.

It looks at their initial problem or fear. It speaks about their reservations about using you. The reason they decided to take the plunge. All the ways in which you overcame their fears, exceeded their expectations, made their life better.

Best of all. It’s utterly true, totally authentic and incredibly compelling.

Want to make life a little easier for yourself?

Then let us create compelling customer stories to showcase your service, product or brand. 

Why should I use

Customer Stories?

Customer stories are a valuable and powerful tool. They should be an integral part of your buyer’s journey

Customer Stories are authentic. They are genuine. They speak your customer’s language, address their concerns, allay their fears and remove sales blocks. Best of all. They are true.

Customer stories help you connect with more of your perfect customers using…your perfect current customer.

They let your customer sell you

They remove you from your sales process

They increase trust

They increase engagement

They increase conversions

They showcase your successes

They talk your customers language

They answer your clients fears (without sounding like pushy know-it-all target-orientated sales person

They make the need for your product tangible.

They showcase you as the solution.

In marketing terms, they are ‘Demand Generators’


In short. You can use them to sell.  They can be used by all your team, not just Sales & Marketing. They can be used in an infinite number of different ways. They can be used with multiple potential customers. They can be used as part of every sale, FOREVER!

Remove yourself from your sales process

Let your customers sell you, for you

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